General Training Information:

Training services are provided to service locations along the beach from Chuburna to Telchac Puerto and into Merida.  Training is available in a class setting or privately depending on the issues and your personal preference.

Basic Obedience Course:

Basic Obedience Classes are for puppies and well socialized dogs.  They are designed to help you learn to communicate with your dog more effectively and for them to learn basic commands that will increase their safety and allow them more freedom.  These are the commands we work on in our Basic Obedience Classes:

Sit Stay/Wait
Leave it/Off
Loose leash walking
Private Lessons:

Private lessons are preferred for under socialized dogs or dogs with behavioural issues.  These dogs generally benefit from a more targeted program based on their specific issues.  The sessions are provided in your home as this allows us to observe your pet in its natural environment and gives us a better understanding of any issues you may be encountering.  These are some of the issues we can help with in private sessions:

Excessive Barking
Separation Anxiety
Potty Training
Crate Training

Fun Stuff:

Your dog benefits from mental stimulation the same way that you do.  We can teach you a variety of dog games that provide both exercise and metal stimulation.  Finding a job for your dog, simple obstacle courses, hide and seek or even a good game of fetch are fun for both you and your dog and help to improve overall health and well-being.  A tired dog is a happy dog!